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At Drum Beats we recognise that every wedding is unique. With ten years experience we pride ourselves in providing the best quality entertainment that leaves lasting memories. Drum Beats shows include interactive performances & stand alone floor shows. Here is a brief resume of our entertainment offerings

Interactive Shows
A Drum Beats interactive drumming show instantly creates a bright atmosphere fused with energy and laughter. Guaranteed to break the ice and bring the new families together with rhythm! During these performances participants are given a drum or percussion instrument to play and are then led on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure. The rhythms are catching and invigorating – Don’t be surprised if everyone is up on the dance floor by the end of the show!
Themes include African Adventure, Arabian Nights, Gypsy Caravan, Polynesian Breeze & Global Beats

Floor Shows
Spectacular Acrobatic Shows to live music
Stunning fire twirling & dance performances 
African, Polynesian Taiko & Arabian Nights drum & dance show
For a real WOW factor the Gaia Rhythm Shows are literally out of this world visit to see more.

Wedding Entrances
For many cultures the newlyweds are traditionally greeted & celebrated with drumming & dance. In Australia, Arabic wedding march’s/entrance’s are the most well known. Our musicians come in playing large bass drums (table/tableh’s) & flutes (zamar/zurna/mijwiz) creating a dynamic party atmosphere. Everyone is encouraged to join in, dance, cheer, clap & welcome the newlyweds to help set the tone of celebration for the rest of the night.

Drum Beats performances cater to all ages and religions, tiny tots to Grandmas and Grandpas – we have a show to suit you. Feel free to contact us & discuss which entertainment will set your wedding alight!.

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